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Supports archiving emails from Domino \Exchange\Coremail email systems

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The Scenario of using Coremail Archive

Compliance with Financial Institution

Financial institutions and large enterprises need to face supervision from higher-level departments in their operations. They must also retain business materials for several years by relevant regulations to submit for auditing. For example, The Sebastian Act requires listed companies and CPA firms to retain emails that form the basis of audits or assessments for at least seven years.

Enterprise internal risk aversion

Email proof

If there is a dispute with the partner company in the business negotiation, it is necessary to confirm the terms agreed upon by the two parties through the exchange email.

Leak tracking

Company employees found that much internal information of the department leaked from nowhere and wanted to track the source of the leak through the whereabouts of the email.

Job handover

The old employee has resigned, and the new employee is unclear about many projects. It is necessary to transfer the work emails of the old employee for the past six months for handover and follow-up.

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