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XT email system has been published since 2004. Up to XT6, the best email experience in terms of infrastructure, security, application experience, and user experience.

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XT 6

Coremail Containerized Deployment Safer and Faster Deployment

Containerized deployment is different from traditional and virtualized deployment; it reduce the level of isolation effectively controls costs, ensures service stability, and improves work efficiency.

Deploy Coremail on the K8s platform is less than 30 minutes

Traditional deployment

Enterprises deploy applications on physical machines. Resource utilization is low, and it is expensive for businesses to maintain more physical machines.

Virtualization deployment

In response to the above problems, virtualization technology emerges as the times require. Users can run multiple virtual machines (Virtual Machines) on the CPU of a single physical machine.

Containerized deployment

Containers are similar to virtual machines but with a reduced level of isolation and a shared operating system. Therefore, containerization can be considered the most lightweight deployment.

High Availability

Covering three abnormal scenarios of power off, service disconnection, and network disconnection to ensure system stability and robustness

High Availability

scenario coverage

When the Coremail high-availability system is powered off, disconnected from service, or disconnected from the network, other nodes usually take over the service and load, and after the faulty node is switched back, the performance data returns to normal values

All modules support multi-active
All modules of the system support multiple activities to ensure business continuity

Multi-dimensional defense

Security notification for suspicious emails (covering multiple terminals and scenarios)

Provide corresponding security tips on the client and web side for five scenarios, including advertising emails, subscription emails, phishing emails, and domain name suspicious emails 

Fake domain name notification

For senders whose domain name is forged, provide the translated real domain name prompt to warn users

Identify strangers

Identify strangers Identify senders outside the organization and address book, providing stranger identification

Migration to Coremail?

Coremail has developed a tool for secure and hassle-free migrations to the Coremail system. This tool lets you centrally manage mailbox migrations from Exchange and email transfers from IMAP-based email systems, such as IBM Notes, Zimbra, Google Workspace (G Suite), and hosted email services. We fully support migrations between different domains and forests, with encryption, no third party involved, and guarantee no accidental data loss and no confidential information leaves your organization.

*Different migration plans are various from different scenarios. Don't hesitate to contact our sales to get your migration plan.

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Virtualization deployment

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