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Coremail XT 6.0 is Coremail's latest mail system. The XT 6.0-style Webmail interface adopts a simple and elegant design and provides several humanized intelligent operations. The e-mail system not only improves the working efficiency inside the enterprise organization, promotes external business contacts, comprehensively improve the comprehensive management level of enterprise informatization , but also better reflects the brand and image of a modern enterprise organization.

Taking the lead in deployment
Cooperative Work
Auto Scaling
Multidimensional Security
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Coremail mail archiving system uses a direct mail replication architecture which does not need to change the existing network and mail flow architecture. It has good integration and compatibility with existing mail-related equipment and back-end storage equipment and is suitable for various enterprises.

Compliance with Regulations
Digitalize Your Business
Security Defense
Storage Requirement
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Coremail has built a CAC Email Security Big Data Center. It provides customers with efficient and convenient email anti-spam services through intelligent algorithm models and manual review rules. Coremail has deployed millions of honeypot mailboxes across the country to collect the latest spam emails in real-time.

Millions of honeypot sample mailboxes
Algorithm Detect Spam
Spam Detection Rate reaches 99.8%
IBMDomino, Office365&Gmail.
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